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Success Stories

Resource Industrial Group- Austin Davis 

Austin Davis is a grade 12 student at Glenview Park S.S.  Austin has never liked school and struggles with some of the expectations associated with school life.  When Austin signed up for co-op I was apprehensive; I wondered if he would be a good ambassador for our school.  Austin started his co-op experience at RIG – Resource Industrial Group in Ayr.  His work ethic and team player attitude was second to none!  Once he figured out the routine of the journal and log book being due weekly and the expectations that surround the workplace AND school Austin excelled in both areas.  Austin went on to receive the highest mark in the co-op class and he was signed on as a metal fabricator apprentice which is a Red Seal trade! Austin is continuing his OYAP apprenticeship at RIG and continues to demonstrate outstanding attendance, regular completion of assignments on time, and outstanding progress in his work skills as a metal fabricator.

He has had opportunities to work on small projects and large projects for RIG; for example he participated in the construction of a bridge needed for the Pan-Am Games coming up this summer in Toronto.

Austin enjoys his placement very much.  He likes the team members that he works with and he enjoys learning new welding techniques that he will use in his future career as a metal fabricator.  Both Austin and his employer recommend the OYAP program as it prepares students for their future careers in a non-threatening learning environment.


Selectrics- Brian Jackson

Brian Jackson participated in a full time OYAP placement in the first semester of his grade 12 year at Huron Heights Secondary School. His placement at Selectrics provided him with the opportunity to work alongside electricians who were building a new retirement home in Georgetown. Working on a new job site gave Brian first-hand experience learning how to install electrical panels and light fixtures. Throughout his placement, Brian was also able to spend time working at Robertson Electric Wholesale. Brian found that the work he did at Robertson complimented his days on the job site. By working at the wholesale level, he gained insight in to the processes involved in the distribution of many of the products being used by electricians on a daily basis. When asked if he would recommend OYAP to other students, Brian said “yes, because the students are able to experience a potential career choice, which will help them make a decision about what they want to do in the future”.


Expressway Trucks Waterloo- Wyatt Hutchinson

Wyatt Hutchinson began his OYAP placement in his 5th year at Huron Heights Secondary School. With a strong interest in the truck and coach industry, Wyatt was eager to learn more about becoming a truck and coach technician. In his placement at Expressway Trucks Waterloo, he was able to expand his knowledge and skill set in areas such as oil changes, engine repair, finding and repairing air leaks, as well as general maintenance. Wyatt found that working with skilled technicians provided him with a workplace environment that was both inviting and conducive to learning. He felt that OYAP provided a “great way to start a career”.