On March 27, Liaison College welcomed the WRDSBs culinary participants to their facility for the Regional Culinary Skills Competition.  The day started with registering students, giving them each their own specific number and numbering their work station.  The students prepared their workstations with the supplies they brought from their schools.  Chef Mike Michielsen of Liaison College welcomed the students and gave them their instructions and scope for the day.  Each student had 6 hours to complete their assignment which included an appetizer, main course and dessert.  Students created spinach & ricotta ravioli with alfredo sauce for their appetizer with each step carefully planned out right down to the homemade pasta.  Next came the main course which was salmon poached in court bouillon with bercy sauce accompanied by rice pilaf with tomato concasse, lozenge cut red pepper, broccoli florets and carrot batonnet.  Their creations were topped off with a dessert of creme caramel and a fruit component of their choice.  

Students worked tirelessly all day on their creations, teachers waited anxiously and judges circled around the kitchen recording what they saw and marking them against the provided scope.

Finally at 2:00, it was time to present their appetizer, followed by the main course at 2:30 and the dessert at 3:00.  Judges carefully examined the dishes checking for presentation and temperature.

Everyone gathered with excitement and nervousness as the winners of the competition were finally revealed.  First place congratulations goes to Dalia Mughamis, with Nathan Graff-Rowe coming in second and Samantha McKinnon taking third.

Thank you to Liaison College for the first class kitchen and judges.  Thank you to the culinary teachers who go above and beyond on a daily basis for their students, and thank you to the students themselves who strive for excellence every day.  

Special thanks to:

Chef Dean Michielsen, Liaison College
Chef Mike Spitzer, Liaison College
Chef Elaina Ravo, Liaison College
Chef Joel Kreutzcamp
Chef Darryl Howie

Rosanna Mazza, SJAM
Sharon Harger-Grinling, JHSS
Tim Biro, GPSS
Wendy Farkas, GRCI