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Q: Am I automatically registered as an apprentice through OYAP?

A: A student trains as an apprentice while participating in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP).  However, once the program ends, the student must be registered as an apprentice with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) through their employer or sponsor in order to continue their apprenticeship training.

Q: Do my OYAP hours count towards an apprenticeship?

A: Upon registration as an apprentice, the MAESD and the student’s employer will determine the number of training hours to be applied to the apprenticeship, based on the required skills the student has demonstrated during their participation in the program.  The total hours to be counted will be negotiated by the MAESD and employer.

Q: How do I become an OYAP participant?

A: OYAP is a Co-operative (Co-op) Education program that permits students to train as apprentices while participating in Co-op.  Students in OYAP placements will be required to complete an OYAP Participation Application Form, and submit this form to their Co-op teacher.  The purpose of this form is to give permission to the Waterloo Region District School Board to provide the MAESD with an OYAP student’s information, at which time he/she will be provided an OYAP ID Card which indicates that the student is recognized as an OYAP student and can begin training as an apprentice.

Q: How do I register as an apprentice?

A: Students must have an employer willing to sponsor them as an apprentice to become registered with the MAESD.  Once a Co-op teacher verifies that an employer wishes to register an OYAP student as an apprentice, that student will complete PART II of the OYAP Participation Application Form and submit this to their co-op teacher.  Part II permits the Waterloo Region District School Board to collect an OYAP student’s Social Insurance Number (SIN) and register it with the MAESD.  Only OYAP participants can be registered as apprentices while still in secondary school.

Q: Should I become registered as an apprentice even though my Co-op employer will not be training me after my OYAP program is complete?

A: Employers are eligible to receive up to a $10,000 tax credit per year for training an apprentice (maximum of 4 years).  Once a student registers as an apprentice, the tax credit  “clock” starts ticking as to how long an employer can benefit from the tax credit.  If an OYAP student’s employer is willing to register him/her as an apprentice, but does not plan to continue to train him/her once the program has ended, the tax credit “clock” keeps ticking.

Some employers will not apprentice students if they cannot benefit from the full 4 years of the tax credit.

It is recommended that an employer wait to register an OYAP student as an apprentice until the employer is able to pay the student (usually once the student has graduated from secondary school). The OYAP student’s hours may still be recognized once he/she is registered and the employer can now benefit from the maximum 4 years of the tax credit.

PLEASE NOTE: The tax credit is not available for some skilled trades (e.g. the tax credit does not pertain to the cook apprenticeship program).


Q: What is the difference between restricted (in-voluntary) and non-restricted (voluntary) trades?

A: There are some careers where it is a REQUIREMENT to complete an apprenticeship program and take a final Certificate of Qualification exam to receive a licence to practice in that trade (e.g. electrician, plumber, automotive service technician).  These skilled trades are called “restricted” trades because the Ministry restricts individuals from practicing this trade without a licence.   There are other trades that do not require a licence to work in that area (e.g. carpenter, roofer, horticulture technician).  Because individuals can work in these areas without a licence, they are considered non-restricted trades.


Q: If I become a registered apprentice, am I required to pay membership fees to the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT)?

A: As of April 8, 2013, OCOT became the regulatory body for the trades system in Ontario.

OYAP student participants, without a registered apprenticeship training agreement, are not required to become members of OCOT.

OYAP student participants with a completed registered apprenticeship training agreement must become Apprenticeship Class members of OCOT, but are exempt from membership fees until they are no longer OYAP students.