On November 23rd, 2016, the WRDSB & OYAP participated in a Girls Only Welding Day! Female students from our board spent the day learning the basics of welding and the skills needed to work with metal in a variety of settings.

The first stop was to Mr. Chandler’s welding shop at CHCI. Mr. Chandler demonstrated the MIG welding techniques that the students would later use to create unique tree sculptures.

After a safety discussion, the students put on their PPE and got right to work. They were able to work in pairs to assist each other with the placement and stabilization of their branches. What seemed like a simple task proved challenging as some of our first time welders adjusted to the welding helmets and over sized gloves.

When the trees were complete, it was time for a quick lunch before heading to The Jewelry Design Studio for the afternoon session.

The afternoon project was to create a custom ring. While at first it wasn’t clear how jewelry making and welding were related, it became apparent when the instructor, Kim, showed the students the soldering they would be doing to join the rings.

Kim provided the students with step by step instructions so they were able to begin crafting their own rings as soon as the demonstration was finished. One small ring had over 20 steps involved from start to finish!

Just like the tree sculptures, each ring was unique to its creator!

Thank you Mr. Chandler and Kim Kropf for hosting informative and fun workshops to help our group celebrate women in trades!