On February 15th, students from our culinary classes spent time at Liaison College of Culinary Arts participating in a culinary workshop. Led by Chef Dean Michielsen, the students were guided through the art of making homemade pasta from start to finish.  Using the well technique, all ingredients were slowly incorporated to ensure proper consistency and texture of the dough.  What seemed like an easy task proved quite challenging as the students kneaded and folded the dough into a cohesive ball. Next, the students rolled out the pasta dough with their rolling pins and the help of the pasta machine! Rolling out the dough created wide, flat sheets that could easily be cut in to a variety of shapes.   Chef Dean demonstrated the techniques that  are used to create ravioli. The students enjoyed their hard work with a delicious lunch of spinach ravioli at the end.  A full day of learning was accompanied by great teamwork and friends made.

Thank you to the culinary teachers who helped make this day a huge success.