Motive Power Machinist

ACA, Unrestricted Certified Trade


  • Disassemble engines; clean, inspect, recondition and adjust crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods, pistons, oil pumps, valve trains, drive shafts, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, manifolds and flywheels
  • Set up, operate and maintain a variety of machine tools to perform precision machining operations such as sawing, turning, milling, boring, planing, drilling, precision grinding and other operations
  • Verify dimensions of products for accuracy and conformance to specifications using precision measuring instruments
  • Fit and assemble parts and subassemblies using hand and power tools
  • Reassemble and balance internal combustion engines
  • Recondition suspension and drive trains
  • Recondition brake components

Personal Qualities

  • You will have to work indoors with noise, grease, dirt, dust and other hazards that are common on the job
  • You work quietly and independently
  • You enjoy working with tools and equipment
  • You enjoy working to close and exacting tolerances
  • You have the stamina to be on your feet for long periods of time
  • You like to learn new things
  • You are interested in computers and may operate computer controlled equipment
  • Review Essential Skills profile for additional skills required

Career Opportunities

  • Motive power machinists are employed in shops that specialize in rebuilding engines and driveline components

Educational/Training Requirements

  • The minimum entry for apprenticeship is Grade 12
  • Completion of a 5,340 hour apprenticeship program is required
  • If you have completed 6,000 hours of on the job experience/training but have not completed the apprenticeship program you may be eligible to challenge the Certificate of Qualification
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