Ironworker – Structural and Ornamental Branch 2


Ironworkers help put up buildings, bridges and other structures involving rods and beams (Branch 1 - Ironworker Generalist 420B), while Branch 2 Ironworkers- Structural & Ornamental 420A would build or create things such as iron gates.

  • Read and interpret blueprints and diagrams
  • Hoist and install structural steel, pre-cast concrete, reinforce materials and other metals used in construction
  • Position steel girders or other structural elements and bolt them into place
  • Calculate weight for cable rigging, and assemble scaffolding/rigging
  • Assemble prefabricated buildings
  • Weld and fabricate
  • Frame interior walls, concrete floors or ceilings

Personal Qualities

  • You are good with numbers and performing calculations
  • You do not mind working outdoors in poor weather and at great heights
  • You have a mechanical aptitude and good coordination
  • You enjoy taking on a variety of different tasks
  • You can communicate effectively with co-workers and supervisors
  • You have good upper body strength and physical stamina
  • You enjoy solving problems quickly in a fast-paced environment

Career Opportunities

Ironworkers usually work full-time, often outdoors in all sorts of weather, and at great heights. The working environment tends to be fast-paced and you may be required to travel from project to project. Many apprentices are registered as apprentices through the Ironworkers Unions in Ontario. Employers who may hire Ironworkers include:

  • Heavy Construction firms
  • Metal Fabricating businesses
  • Commercial Construction builders

Educational/Training Requirements

  • Grade 12 or equivalent with a secondary school diploma and credits in Math, English, and Science, as well as technical courses such as blueprint reading and welding
  • Successful completion of the Ironworker Generalist- Branch 1 requires completion of an 8,000 hour apprenticeship, including 3 levels of in-school training (720 hours).
  • Completion of Ironworker Structural & Ornamental Branch 2 requires 6,000 hours, including 720 in-school theory hours, and successfully passing the examination to obtain a Certificate of Qualification.
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