Information Technology – Contact Centre – Customer Care Agent

Apprenticeship and Certification Act Unrestricted Trade


IT Support Analyst - Common Core Skills:

  • Support clients in their use of computer applications and operating systems software; troubleshoot information systems
  • Install hardware, software and network applications
  • Create and maintain required documentation

Help Desk:

  • Set up a help desk, provide customer service, support a wide variety of software applications at an advanced level
  • Create and maintain user accounts in a networked environment; use effective problem solving techniques; research problems and solutions and investigate new software products
  • Maintain required documentation, train new users


  • Assemble microcomputer systems from components; configure and optimize a microcomputer system; maintain required documentation
  • Troubleshoot and repair microcomputer hardware, research problems and investigate new software products
  • Create and maintain user accounts in a networked environment, train new users


  • Install, configure and maintain client workstations and network servers connected by a local area network; Tune network performance
  • Troubleshoot network errors; create and maintain network documentation
  • Implement technical knowledge of data communications, standards, protocols and Internet working concepts
  • Request and evaluate vendor proposals for networking solutions

Personal Qualities

  • You like working with computers and the latest technology
  • You like problem solving and learning new things
  • You have the stamina to sit at your workstation for hours

Career Opportunities

  • Information technology analysts work for technology service companies, computer stores, all levels of governments, manufacturers, major retail chains, the military, banks, educational institutions and many other businesses
  • Some information technology analysts have their own business

Educational/Training Requirements

  • The minimum entry for apprenticeship is Grade 12
  • Completion of a 6,420 hour apprenticeship program (IT-Hardware) and a 6,340 hour apprenticeship program (IT-Network and IT-Help Desk) is required
  • Information technology support analyst, help desk, hardware and network are unrestricted trades
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