Cement (Concrete) Finisher

TQAA, Voluntary Certified Trade


  • Finishes freshly poured concrete
  • Installs anchor bolts, steel plates, door sills in fresh concrete
  • Waterproofs, restores and repairs concrete surfaces and structures
  • Applies hardening and sealing compounds to cure new concrete
  • Operates power vibrator to compact concrete
  • Directs placement of concrete into forms or onto surfaces, inspects formwork, granular base and steel reinforcement materials

Personal Qualities

  • Able to work without close supervision
  • Able to bend and stoop to work
  • Able to work around high noise
  • Able to work in a variety of weather conditions
  • Some artistic ability and ability to pay attention to detail

Career Opportunities

  • Cement finishers are employed by construction companies, bricklaying contractors and manufacturers of precast concrete products
  • Supervisory positions are possible with experience

Educational/Training Requirements

  • The minimum entry for apprenticeship is Grade 10; however, most employers or unions may require Grade 12
  • English, Math and Technology high school courses would be helpful.
  • Completion of a 4,500 hour apprenticeship program is required
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