Agriculture – Fruit Grower

Apprenticeship and Certification Act, Unrestricted Trade


  • Read and interpret fruit growing documentation and procedures including land preparation, transplanting, plant training support systems, fertilization, crop protection, density/thinning and propagation
  • Develop layout block designs and prepare, fertilize, fumigate, spray, and cultivate the land
  • Transplant plants by preparing plants, staking/trellising plants, planting fruit trees, small fruit plants, vines, and protecting, irrigating and fertilizing plants
  • Perform propagation procedures
  • Perform harvesting and grading techniques
  • Operate and maintain farm tractors and accessories, farm trucks, harvesting equipment, chain saws and power pruners, irrigation systems, packing line systems and equipment cold storage and controlled atmospheric facilities, air compressors and systems
  • Perform general farm duties
  • Knowledge and application of requisite health and safety acts and regulations

Personal Qualities

  • You can work both inside and outside in the fresh air
  • You are in good physical condition and like working hard
  • You don't mind working long hours when climatic conditions permit
  • You have the stamina to be on your feet all day
  • You are able to bend down and straighten up frequently
  • You are very safety conscious when using chemicals and powered equipment

Career Opportunities

  • A fruit grower works for any establishment that grows, harvests and markets fruit for consumer consumption or processing

Educational/Training Requirements

  • The minimum entry for apprenticeship is Grade 12
  • Completion of a 5,520 hour apprenticeship program is required
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